Happy Studio

I was lead artist at Preloaded for the McDonald's Happy Studio mobile game, a purposeful play platform that delivers epistemic learning to children in over 40 countries. I worked on the launch of the app and the licensed content that rolled out with it's update schedule.

Other projects:

Games With Purpose
Art DirectionGraphic Design
Insane Robot Showdown
Art DirectionCharacter DesignGraphic Design
AnimationArt Direction
Chronograph UI concepts
Art DirectionGraphic Design
Pixel art
Art DirectionGraphic Design
'Bow Street Runner' 3D enviroments
Art DirectionGame Design
Velocity 2X concept designs
Game DesignGraphic DesignUI/UX
'International Racing Squirrels' Race track designs
Art DirectionGame DesignMotion Graphics
Sci-Fi Interface
Art DirectionGraphic DesignUI/UX
Great Leader
Art DirectionGraphic Design
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